It’s been awhile. I’ve been wholly immersed in working on two separate exhibitions. I should have written about the first one (that’s the show card, above) here, but didn’t get around to it. Barely had that show gone up at the Art Annex in Newport, RI when I had to switch around to work on the second show, at the DeBlois Gallery. That was a month ago. Four weeks have flown by and I have nine new paintings. In all this time, I’ve completely ignored my brand new web-site!

I have to overcome my resistance to learning (yet again) how to use WordPress’s editing tools. I know that it’s a really good platform and thousands of satisfied users have made it their home. But it’s a dreadful bore to struggle with new tools, new terms. All the familiar irritations.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to my interview at the Art Annex. Wayne Quackenbush, who owns the Annex and has maintained a steady quiet presence in Art, Literature and Comics for many years, interviews artists on video and posts the results on YouTube. Each interview in the Art Matters series features two artists. Mine is Episode 24.

I’m hoping to make regular updates here. The next one will be about the second art show. Due to open this weekend. Once it’s opened, I’ll share images from both shows.

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