First Update

First Update

“You MUST have an author web-site!” That’s what everyone says.

So I DID have one for a while. I was happy with it. Until suddenly one day, it was no longer there! Just … *pop* Not there.

I emailed the design-group who had set it up for me. They wrote back to say, “Sorry, Ma’m. It’s gone. You didn’t pay the annual fee in time.”  I asked when I’d get it back and they wrote, “Never, Ma’m. It’s gone. Dead. Deceased.” It’s possible that they used less dramatic language.

Four years later, however, here we are!!! I have a BEAUTIFUL NEW WEBSITE, designed by Austin Bullock. I am really happy with the way it looks and handles. Here’s his web-address:

The drawing is a teaser-trailer for my show of reproductions at the Art Annex, 304 Broadway, Newport, RI. There will be more about the show in future blog-posts!

Bye now. Leave comments. Live long and prosper.

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