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Art Annex Society's April Challenge


The struggle to keep a blog going, I mean. It's odd. It used to be something I did every day. Then FaceBook got in the way. I could either post FB pages or Blog content. But I plan to keep trying. For instance, I'm going to try to add just a little content here, every day. One of the problems is that I'm not comfortable using WordPress. I know that it's believed to be very good and very intuitive, but I've not got the hang of it yet. And I don't want to spend any length of time reading a how-to tutorial. So these next few posts are likely to seem extremely choppy. Amateurish. Weird. Bear with me. Or – better still – COMPLAIN! Complaints are good. I can work with complaints. The SEO analysis informs me that it's good to include links. So okay. Here's a link to a short reading I made, with very crude animation, from my performance piece, BLIND DATE. The analysis also likes images to be inserted. So there's the double-headed snake, right at the top. It's from the Annex Art Society's April 2021 Creative Challenge. It represents the prompt: LEFT OR RIGHT. Here is another one: This one represents FACE. ...