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https://www.amazon.com/Chaudhvin-Ka-Chand-Guru-Dutt/dp/B07NBKHTJB Watching CKC on Prime Video last night, I realized how little I had understood of the dialogue the first time I saw the movie. I had a general idea of the plot but couldn't understand more than one word in ten.  I knew it was a great classic. That's why I agreed to see it. I hadn't expected to like it much. I didn't like the highly mannered acting of Hindi commercial cinema. CKC was certainly stylized and extremely sentimental. But: beautiful and moving too. I discovered that I loved it. That was maybe 30 years ago, in Bombay. LAST NIGHT Last night, there were subtitles, so it was possible for me to follow the conversations. The opening scenes were ridiculous. There was middle-aged Johnny Walker pretending to be a youthful buffoon. The crowd of young women twittering like sparrows at dusk, calling to one another in high-pitched squeaks. Rehman, one of the two romantic leads, handsome but not young enough to be convincing. All the secondary characters were card-board stereotypes. Then the story got underway. I began to fall under the spell of that vanished way of life. The gracious language, the sweet-silly pranks played by full-grown adults upon one another. The vast homes...